Issue 4 | October 15, 2011

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This issue presents some more interesting articles.  I love the variety that shows up here.  Jason Wakefield has brought more of his very interesting and complicated philosophical material in Samuel Beckett and Alain Badiou’s Fine Armour of Axioms.  Richard Bargdill intertwines some personal, professional, and psychological material in Same Project: Psychologist, Artist, Client. Jacqueline Simon Gunn takes us with her on the trip that is a marathon in Breaking Through My Stride, and shows how running this type of race mirrors life.  Ilene Serlin writes about the History and Future of Humanistic Psychology, something that is important to many of us and something that I believe is going to be even more important as our society continues to collapse.  Lastly, I always think it’s important not to take ourselves too seriously.  This site has a lot of serious contributions but I would love to have more humorous pieces from writers.  Therefore, I am including a self-deprecating piece I wrote this past summer entitled, The Risk of Death on Vacation, about our family reunion in the back woods of North Carolina.  With that article I am including a video of my brother-in-law telling a hilarious story about obtaining fire wood while camping on this very trip (sorry but I didn’t have enough disk space to get the whole thing).

I need more contributors.  I need more submissions.  If you are interested, please let me know. Have a look at the upcoming topics on the Submissions page.  I am willing to post anything that is honest, funny, insightful, deep, narrative, and/or simple/complicated.  I’m not looking for perfectly polished pieces, but pieces that express “being”, pieces that express “living”, pieces that express a piece of the writer, or pieces of philosophy and psychology that shakes us up or remind us of our humanity.  I continue to be extremely grateful for those that do contribute and find it meaningful to put their work on the Dasein Project.

Lastly, I am feeling torn about the name of the site.  I named it before I knew much about Heidegger.  I just wanted a name that expressed the concept of “being.”  I’m not a Heideggerian and I’m not just interested in his philosophy.  So I am wondering if the name of this site is misleading?  What do people think?  I would love to receive some feedback on this.  Please email me at

Enjoy the issue.

Jason McCarty

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