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Welcome to the Dasein Project.  I am very excited to be presenting four writers and their pieces that come from different perspectives and approaches to the question and understanding of being, or what it means to be human.  I feel quite humbled at the willingness for these busy and accomplished writers to contribute to my little project.

I hope for this to continue and gather a following, not for the sake of followings and the enjoyment of reading, but to really start looking at how we can return to being human.  I welcome feedback and thoughts and insight into this.  It’s not a static thing, it’s a dynamic project to facilitate community, engagement, and depth of life and lived experience.  Although there will be some more academic and deeply philosophical pieces highlighted on this site, it will most definitely be tempered by real life experiences – where the rubber meets the road. When we get too busy into our theories and discussions we lose the sense that we are beings in togetherness trying to exist the best we can in a world that can offer beauty, love, passion, hurt, pain, suffering, hate, greed, healing, apathy, boredom, death, and re-birth.

I see that we need more sense of wonder, or awe, as existential psychologist Kirk Schneider has written about in his book The Rediscovery of Awe. Our knowingness gets us into trouble.  As soon as we think we’ve got it all figured out, we’re duped.  Awe, wonder, humility, curiosity, mystery, flow, being.  The reason I like this word being so much is because it brings a sense of dynamism to the reality of life.  We are not fixed entities, and we are not fixed beliefs that we decide to have at 5pm on Wednesday and now it’s Sunday and we’ve had three whole days in between to have more experiences.  Being is breathing.

Not everyone has lost their sense of being, and it’s not that the whole world has just gone to shit.  I don’t like huge generalities about the entire nature of the world, but we do seem to have gotten a little lost in how we see each other, in how we have reduced humans to mechanisms of biology, neurology, psychology, and disease.

Therefore, I see this project as a way for others to point us in interesting and hopefully healing directions.  How might we see old beliefs and assumptions differently as Thomas Moore brings to our attention in Magritte’s Good Logic? Or how do we understand a deeper and more profound sense of being within the world we actually live, addressed by Brent Potter in Dasein in the Unworld: The Eclipse of Time, Being, and Thought? Or how do we stop the over intellectualization and feel the depths of life through mediums such as poetry that Stacy Barton shows in Reality Lies? And lastly, how do we find ways to truly hold another’s pain in our hands, or let down our own walls to the love and care of others through our suffering as Robert Stolorow so powerfully illustrates in Losing and Regaining Being?

In thinking about my introductory piece to this project I realized something: this project is just as much a project of my own personal development of being as it is a desire to bring attention and life to LIFE for all of us.  I want to learn from others, I want to hear what people with a lot more experience than me have to say about this focus.  I want to feel the humanity in what others produce for this project. I want these pieces to help me (and all of us) out of my own dogmatic slumber, and punch me in the face the way one of my clients did today with a viewpoint he had on the world.  I am ultimately attempting to pull my main interests in life, about life, together and integrate them in this Project as well as into my own being and calling.

I hope you enjoy the articles and stay tuned for more on September 15th.  If you are wanting to contribute something that you feel fits into this project, please contact me.  You don’t have to have a PhD or even an education for that matter (but it does have to fit in with the sense, vision, and feel of the project).  I will be coming up with topics to drive the project come October 1st.  Check out the Submissions page for more information. Come join in!

Wonder-fully searching,

Jason McCarty

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