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Bio: THOMAS MOORE is the author of the classic bestseller Care of the Soul and twenty other books, several of them bestsellers. He has been a monk, a musician, a university professor, and, for over thirty years, a psychotherapist practicing archetypal therapy with a spiritual dimension. His books appear in over twenty languages and he lectures in several countries and has a special relationship with Ireland. For fifteen years he has taught psychiatrists and has worked closely with medical schools, hospices, and hospitals. He also speaks often at C. G. Jung societies. He has won awards for his teaching and his books, including an honorary doctorate from Lesley University and a humanitarian award from Einstein Medical School. Three of his books have won the Books for a Better Life award. He writes regularly for Spirituality & Health Magazine, Resurgence, and The Huffington Post. His most recent books are Care of the Soul in Medicine, Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels and The Guru of Golf and other Stories about the Game of Life. He considers himself a new brand of theologian, drawing from many traditions as well as “secular” literature and arts. He is known around the world for his efforts to promote and deepen spirituality and make a more soulful society.

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