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Heather Hill


Bio: Heather has worked for 25 years in dance therapy with many different groups of people, but in particular people with dementia. Her masters research, a phenomenological study of the experience of dance therapy for a person with dementia, convinced her of the value of the dance therapy experience in offering the person “a space to be herself”. This then led her to doing a PhD on person-centred care. In the meantime, she has also taught dance therapy, creative arts therapy and arts-based research. However, this year Heather made the decision to do what she wanted to do ever since she finished her doctorate in 2004: to utilize her training to change the culture of care in dementia. This year she started a new business “Quality Relationships, Quality Care” which has a strong focus on relationship, and draws on embodied, action and arts modalities to help care staff really take in and integrate new ways of being with people with dementia.

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