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Bio: Ana Chávez is a student at University of Phoenix - San Diego Campus' Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program. Though her orientation is based in Family Systems Theory, she's interested in observing how existential questions influence the family and self system and deepen everyday moment by moment experience. Ana is a mother of two wonderful girls; 12 and 7, both talented soccer champs - therefore Ana is a dedicated "soccer mom". Ana's interest in psychology began in 2000 with her mindfulness meditation practice. She had an "Ah-ha!!" moment and realized the patterns of thinking she experienced must be very similar, if not identical, in all individuals ... thus began her love with the mind which led to a journey towards a deeper experience of Being beyond psychological mechanisms. Though fullness of Being can be experience in each moment, to Ana there is no moment more full and joyful than when one of her daughter's scores a winning goal!

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