Issue 2 | Art, Experience, and Time | September 15th, 2011

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I never thought my college major in Humanities would lead me here! Although I was very excited about the September 1st publication and the amazing authors that presented, I find myself even more excited about this publication.  (I know it’s not really a publication but I don’t really know what else to call it).  It’s interesting how things work out when you follow your heart, when you follow your passions, your calling.  I don’t know if I will have enough writers to post/publish each time I do this and I wasn’t sure if this time would have enough.  But it has all come together here at the end and I couldn’t be happier.  I feel that this publication represents just a bit more of the variety I am looking for in philosophy, art, and culture.  And I love that some of these people have contacted me since I have published the Dasein Project.  That is encouraging to me.  I truly want this to be something unique and special.  I want it to be a house for deeply felt human expression, knowledge and experience.

I am extremely pleased to have some other mediums in this publication.  Julia Schwartz is not only a medical doctor and psychoanalyst, but a painter/artist as well.  What a wonderful combination of talents and richness.  Please check out her post that showcases 7 of her paintings out of over 20, in her exhibit, The Hollow Sea, currently in LA.  My older brother who is a creative director and partner of an advertising agency, as well as amazing photographer/videographer, sent me this beautiful piece of HD video about Jorge Luis Borges’ life, done by Ian Ruschel.  It’s not long, but I love the feel of the whole thing and what Borges says at the end must be read/heard – it represents the rawness of life that I so crave.  Jason Wakefield contacted me to offer an amazing analysis of Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolf based on Martin Heidegger’s concept of temporality, where he addresses the “inauthenticity in her being-towards-death.” His ability to weave complicated philosophical material into literature leaves me in awe and many of you will enjoy Mrs. Dalloway’s Existential Temporality. Robert Stolorow offered to re-post an article he wrote in the Huffington Post entitled Trauma and the Hour Glass of Time, which explicates so well why certain traumatic events are never, “gotten over.” Facebook has brought me together with some interesting like-minded people and one of them is Ana Li Chávez, a mother of two, and passionate student of family therapy and existential psychology.  She shares with us a personal epiphany she experienced that allowed her a greater sense of “being” her self in Sensitivity is My Birthright.

I love music and one of the most powerful genres in reaching my heart is the blues.  So when Mark Winborn posted on facebook that he’d written a book on the blues and archetypal psychology, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to write something. Mark’s piece, Deep Blues – Relational Healing, brings us all in touch with the relational healing aspects of the blues. The blues are not often written about within psychological circles that I know of, so this is a real treat from Mark and something profound for all of us in understanding what this genre of music actually brings.  Lastly, a very powerful and touching piece by Heather Hill on person-centered care in dementia will leave you feeling human.  Her piece, How About Saying Hello? is just about as close as you can get to what I am looking for in this project.  When it comes down to it, all our philosophies and theories mean absolute shit if they don’t bring about the kind of “life” that Heather’s work brings to humans with dementia.  It is beautiful.

As you can see, I am very pleased with this group of contributors.  I hope you enjoy the reading and visual aesthetics of this publication.  Please leave comments for the authors.  If you are interested in possibly contributing, please contact the Project at and check out the Submissions page.  October 1st will be focusing on Community and I still need more contributors. November 1st will focus on The Human Body, and December 1st, will focus on the life, impact and contemporary relevance of Dr. Sigmund Freud.  Enjoy!


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