Dasein Project LogoThe Dasein Project (DP) is an online journal about what it means to be human.  Via the humanities, we want to explore the lived experience.  Times are changing.  Thought is changing. There is a groundswell giving life to a more experiential way of describing and living the human life.  DP wants to be a part of this movement.

We want to not only be intellectually fresh and stimulating, we want to enter the heart, the personal and the creative.  Our hope is that people find rich engagement with the world through the humanities.  We want to regain culture, history and the arts.  We want to regain philosophy for the everyman and everywoman. We want our articles and our magazine to have an impact on the reader – an experience that can be felt in some way.

Lastly, we are all a part of a project right now.  We live  in  a world that is lost.  We have lost substance and depth as a society. Many are passionately engaging this project and that is what is exciting.  Let’s all engage in the project by responding as best we can to our own calling to engage the world authentically.  If you can share that with The Dasein Project in some way, we would be thrilled.

We are looking for articles about: