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Stranger than Fiction | Snoopy’s Tale

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I Know Why the Moon Loves the...

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A Night Sea Journey


The Tragic and the Metaphysical


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I Know Why the Moon Loves the Sun

Aug 14 | 7788 Views | No Comments

A Personal Phenomenology of Three Depressions PROLOGUE The moon loves the sun as my father loved me. I believe that my dad was depressed a good portion of his life, and yet somewhere from this dark side he loved me and I think too he feared that if he showed me any light of hope [&hellip...


The Tragic and the Metaphysical

Jul 28 | 4130 Views | No Comments

Metaphysical illusion evades the tragedy of human finitude. The first Western philosopher to examine systematically the relationship between the tragedy of human finitude and the ubiquity of metaphysical illusion was Wilhelm Dilthey. Dilthey’s life’s work can be seen as an effort to replace the...


Stranger than Fiction | Snoopy’s Tale

Sep 14 | 5969 Views | No Comments

Note: This story is the first of a series by Jacqueline Simon Gunn called Stranger Than Fiction, where she shares with us true stories of her life. 911 Operator: “What’s your emergency?” Me:  “I hope you can help me. I think my cat injured a mouse in my apartment and the mouse is running...


The Body in the Trees | poems about marriage, children and illness.

Nov 1 | 3029 Views | No Comments

  First Story of Marriage With a misread line from Richard Hugo In your hands, I am twelve small stones you throw at your giant in the yard. I am in a redwood tree in the high winds where I’ve grown into an owl’s dress. My changes are frightening, you say, but my beak conceals [&hellip...